If the stereotypical vibe of ‘new year, new me’ was too much pressure and you could be found on 2nd of January with a pint in one hand and a Chinese take-away in the other (you weren’t alone by the way) you may be about to skip this blog in preference of some non-preachy light-hearted content! HOWEVER, you will be pleased to learn that your lifestyle habits could not be further from my checklist. After all, how could it be with a bonded warehouse full of delicious spirits and wines only a stones throw away from my desk in the heart of Teesside (even if one or two of them are low calorie 😉).

What strikes me is that the fad diets, dry January and abundance of gym memberships (we never learn) are more often than not tossed to the curb come the (what appears to be) 45th day in January. So why do it to ourselves? Inside I’m sure most of us have that sinking feeling at the outset that we won’t see it through anyway.

So my suggestion is this. Instead of the faddy ideas, make this new year the time to look at your business, your work place – an outside in approach. Those ideas you have been floating around for the last 6 months…well now might be the perfect time to create a strategy and implement some of them.

In these situations, it’s probably still advisable to air on the side of caution though. Much like your rather unfit Auntie, having had one too many on Christmas Day declaring she will be running the London Marathon this year (she’s rarely seen without a chocolate bar or gin and tonic and the only form of activity you’ve ever seen her partake in to this point is running for an ice cream van) it’s probably best not to set sights on becoming a top FTSE 100 company if you currently only employ 2 people. Well, great to dream big but maybe give it a few years first!

So what happens if you’ve looked at your business and essentially all is amazing?! You have far more sales than you could ever have anticipated to the point where demand is outstripping supply (in some cases). Well, firstly, congratulations!! How many times have we heard someone say ‘oh, that will never work. So many people already do it’. And yes, this is true. What makes it even more depressing in today’s age is when you have come up with an idea you feel is truly unique (cat-clown entertainer that also doubles up as a pole dancer for example) you then look online to see that there are 11 other people offering this service within a 5 mile radius, all with amazing websites – we’ve all been there. So wholeheartedly I mean it, well done for touching on something that stands apart from the crowd.

However, the daily tasks you undertook at the beginning of your journey I doubt you now have half as much time for as, unsurprisingly, since the business has grown – so too have the admin and planning tasks surrounding this activity. Is it not important at this stage to reflect on what made you successful in the first place? And I bet that if you are being really honest with yourself, as time has progressed, your time available to concentrate on your core skill/ ultimately what made you successful in the first place has dwindled. So what makes you think that demand will continue to soar when you have taken your eye off of the ball in terms of what you are truly about?

Yes, of course, we all understand that the large parcel due to go first class to Glasgow by 12pm today is important, as is the meeting you have scheduled for 1.15pm with the local building contractor to look into turning your garage into a mini warehouse but don’t forget what made you successful in the first place – it was that group of different products that were years in the pipeline. Now they are out there and doing well but what next? With all these exterior pressures creeping in, do you actually have time devoted to product development and building your business? Again, well done if you do but there won’t be many who manage this.

It’s the same principle to social media too in some cases. The age is upon us where consumers expect 24hr interaction at their fingertips and, if you aren’t a strong media presence then who are you? It’s exactly why many companies are finding it increasingly more convenient to engage with a media partner to perform this arm of the business on their behalf. It’s not just the time saving either. Your team are likely to be fantastic in their area but if their skill set isn’t for a certain specialism that the company is increasingly needing to not only satisfy, but excel – then why stretch resources or expand overheads with another member of staff when outsourcing could be the option.

There’s no shame in it either, we can name many multi-national clients for whom we already provide storage and logistic solutions – bonded warehousinggeneral warehousingdocument management and electronic document management. By outsourcing this arm of the business to us, they have been able to get back to focusing on what made them successful in the first place.

This is where I should draw on lots of thought provoking high-brow phrases but I won’t as the message can be summed up so simply by saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ and if any of this has resonated with you today it might be time to outsource an arm of your business and simplify operations moving forwards.

If you would like to find out more about how we at InBond could help move your business forwards with our storage and logistics services then please feel free to contact us today for a no obligation consultation.