South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides healthcare throughout the North East. The Trust employs a workforce of almost 9,000 healthcare professionals and provides a range of specialist regional services to 1.5million people.

The Trust used their own staff to manage patient healthcare record archives and were initially unaware of any other companies that would be able to provide this service in the way that met their needs until InBond proposed taking over the management of the operation and improve the efficiency of their systems.


When it became apparent that the Trust did not have enough storage space on the hospital sites to store the vast number of records that an organisation of the Trusts’ size generates, they decided to utilise InBond’s specialist knowledge to provide a dedicated and robust records management facility. InBond have demonstrated and delivered many initiatives to ensure a secure and continuous solution is provided to manage records growth. The Trust has now been using InBond for more than 10 years and InBond have provided a service which maintains a secure and controlled storage facility for Trust records and provides a confidential service.


Says Healthcare Records Manager

“InBond implemented their own tracking system so that records are scanned in and out of their premises, giving us the ability to always check the location of any record. Records are securely transported to and from InBond several times a day, and the company is extremely responsive to our needs. InBond offer a professional, secure service and are happy to go the extra mile where service is required.”